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What is Saw Armor?

Saw Armor, LLC was officially started in January, 2013 after we started seeing Fire Department saws experiencing significant damage from the normal use in department conditions. Our intial product research and development started in Fall of 2012.

This is the image that started it all, a STIHL(R) MS 460 Rescue saw that has had the underneath of the crankcase worn completely through due to abrasion damage in a Fire Department. This saw is now unsafe to use, as the top handle can become seperated from the body of the saw. There's no metal holding the tank handle into the saw. This is potentially a very hazardous condition.


We wanted to help Fire Departments extend their lifespan and reduce downtime from unexpected impacts/falls etc.

Like a bash plate on a motorcross bike or a skid plate under a rally car, the Saw Armor plates protect the vulnerable underneath of power saws, and provide a barrier against damaging abrasion or other forces.

How do I select a Saw Armor plate for my saw?

Select your saw brand and model on our handy selector tool on the left - select your saw brand and the model of saw to see the parts that are available for your unit. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Select the plate model depending on the top handle configuration you have, single wrap or full wrap (or West Coast).

Each plate comes with a specific set of screws to install your plate. Please pay close attention to the screws needed to install your plate. They have been selected to ensure sufficient penetration into the saw tank handle parts, and if you use the incorrect screws in the positions, your plate will not be attached securely, and may come loose.

The screws we use are hand selected and come from Germany. They are designed specifically for high vibration applications and are of the highest quality. You will need a T27 Torx wrench to remove the original OEM bolts from your Dolmar or STIHL saw (hex head for Husqvarna) and a T30 Torx wrench to install the Saw Armor provided screws.

The images below show severe abrasion damaged saws, and then the Saw Armor plate, installed on a saw.




What are your Depth Limiter solutions all about?

We thought that it was time for a new depth limiter kit for applications where a chainsaw cut must only penetrate the material a certain amount e.g. a few inches.

We looked at the current depth limiter designs and felt that a new approach was needed. Several things stood out to us:

1. Current depth limiter designs can take a long to time to install or disassemble. They typically break down into 3-4 seperate parts, some of which are small (spacers/adjuster knobs) and can be lost if working at night, or on a site where a good work area is not avialable.

2. Having an enclosed depth limiter over a bar can result in a clogged unit, if the user hits fibrous material, insulation etc. The chain will pull this material up into the depth limiter shroud, and jam up the saw, putting it out of action. I have seen wire being pulled up out of a roof and wrap around a depth limiter kit, causing the saw to be down for 20 minutes while we cleared it.

3. Most depth limiters require two hands to set the depth adjustment. One hand to turn the adjustment knob and the other to move the shroud to the required position. This means that the operator has to take their hand off the top handle and stops them having a secure grip on the saw. They use a knurled knob which can be difficult to fasten with a heavy gloved hand, or for operators where grip strength is limited. In some cases, depth limiter shrouds can come loose, and rub on the chain.

Saw Armor Depth Limiters are designed to provide a new kind of experience:

1. Installation/removal time of 5-7 seconds. Simple two piece design. Nothing to come loose or fall out.

2. Open compact design that has almost no chance of clogging.

3. Positive single handed operation with a stainless steel T-bar. Loosen, adjust, tighten all with one hand.

4. Fully reversible design, to adapt for left handed operators or tight cutting situations.

Saw Armor depth limiters require a custom saw bar with a ½” slot along the length of the bar to accept the depth limiter. Saw Armor supplies such custom bars for most saw makes and models.

Our Depth Limiter and custom bar has been extensively tested by several Fire Departments and is in use on Dolmar, STIHL(R) and Cutters Edge saws.




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