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Fire and Rescue Units Depend on VP Small Engine Fuels  

VP Small Engine Fuels to the Rescue!

Like many other users of portable gas-powered tools, several Fire and Rescue units in the Northeast U.S. were experiencing problems with hard starts and total breakdowns of their equipment. Clearly, such failures are unacceptable in emergency situations. In these units were several people familiar with racing and VP’s ability to formulate custom blends, so in late 2009 they sought VP’s help. 

Upon researching the issue, VP learned that ethanol in street gas was the prima

ry cause of the engine failures experienced not only by the firefighters but many other users of light equipment. And the problem had grown worse as more and more street gas was blended with ethanol.

In response, VP’s chemists set about formulating a new fuel to prevent these problems from occurring in all portable gas-powered tools. After extensive field and laboratory testing, the result was VP Small Engine Fuels, the most reliable fuel on the market for quicker, easier starts and worry-free long-term storage, as reflected by the comments of the Assistant Chief for Mt. Upton EMS:



We don’t have a lot of calls that require the use of our small equipment such as generators or chain saws, but when we do our engines have to start quickly and easily. We switched over to VP-SEF about a month ago…since switching over, as expected the equipment started with ease. This is a much welcomed change to the days of using fuels with ethanol. We have spread the word to other departments and would hope that they try this product and enjoy the success we have.

Jim B.
Assistant Chief - EMS
Mt Upton-Rockdale


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