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Saw Armor protective plate products are a brand new concept and have not been seen or used before in the Fire Department community to our knowledge.

As such, we welcome testimonials from our customers and hope they will help you decide to use Saw Armor for your own saws. Don't just take our word for how helpful our products are, read it below from people in the Fire Deparment community.

Kentland 33, Hyattsville, MD

"We were looking for a fast handling, robust and economical ventilation saw to replace older equipment. Tom from Saw Armor was able to provide us with a well integrated ventilation saw system based on a Dolmar powerhead with the unique Saw Armor plate which will protect our unit. We believe that the protective plate will help us extend the life of this saw and look forward to testing future product innovations from Saw Armor".

Oleg Pelekathy, Rescue Captain

Henrico County Fire:

"In 2013, we had to replace 3 STIHL(R) MS 460 Rescue Saws because of abrasion and impact damage. We heard about Tom’s plates from Kentland 33. We bought 60 plates for all our STIHL(R) saws in the entire Henrico Fire Department. We expect we will save thousands of dollars by extending the life of our saws".

Sgt. Bill Myers, Fleet Saw Maintenance, Henrico County Fire.

Leesburg, VA Volunteer Fire Company:

"The Saw Armor plate was a no-brainer. We have several STIHL(R) saws that were suffering abrasion damage, so we had Tom put plates on those and we bought two new 7910 Dolmars with plates installed for our wood cutting operations in storms. The plates will help extend the life of our units".

Jim Cook, Chief Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company.

Dolmar PS-7910 saw owner:

“The greatest benefit to me of the Saw Armor plate is the peace of mind I get from knowing that in case of an accidental fall or having to drop my saw in an emergency (a tree falling the wrong way and needing to run for safety), my saw is protected”.

Dre Cumberland, Raleigh, NC







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