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2019 Wall Mount Bracket for a Makita DC18RD 2 way battery charger (charger not included)

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The Saw Armor custom wall mount bracket allows you to secure your Makita battery charger to a wall, 2 by 4, truck or any other fixture that will fit through the slotted mounting holes on our bracket.

Just two screws supporting the top two mounting holes can be enough to get your battery charger off the floor and in a more convenient place. The four screw holes can be used for more permanent attachment situations or just for more security.

To mount the charger in the bracket, you will remove the rubber feet under the charger, remove the Phillips head screws underneath and place the charger into the bracket. 

We supply four new flat head (countersink) stainless steel screws which you will install with a Torx T20 driver. The new screws will seat flush with the back of the plate so that you can mount the bracket onto any flat surface e.g. drywall, tool box, wooden surface etc.

Clear the clutter in your shop, vehicle and more places and keep your charger closer to where you are working.

The new 2019 model bracket dimensions are:

16.5" x 7 3/4" x 1/8"

Weight 1.2 Lbs

Mounting hole centers are approximately 15 1/16" apart lengthwise.

Vertical distance between the upper and lower mounting holes i approximately 4".