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Welcome to Saw Armor!

Chainsaws and cutoff saws are expensive to purchase and when your equipment fails to operate correctly while performing rescue or firefighting operations, it can mean the difference between life and death.

We decided to develop solutions that "Extend saw life. Reduce downtime." for all power saw users. We also wanted to make equipment lighter and easier to use for first responders.

We noticed the following items in how power saws are used in professional settings like fire departments, tree service/loggers:

1. The underneath of power equipment consists of the motor/crankcase (soft alloy metal) and the plastic rear tank/handle assembly. The tank handle assembly is typically mounted to the motor/crankcase via an antivibration system such as rubber mounts or springs.

2. Especially in Fire Departments, saws are frequently started and set down on asphalt, concrete or other abrasive surfaces (at the station or on the scene). In addition, they are kept in truck lockers/beds and can move around while fire apparatus is driven rapidly to fires.

3. Saw equipment may be dropped, fall and roll or have other gear bump into it while on duty at a fire (in a city or forest setting) or on a logging crew.

4. It is very important that saw equipment accessories are designed with simplicity, function easily, with minimal time to change components, or to reconfigure systems.

5. The muffler of a chainsaw can reach very high temperatures, sufficient to cause contact ignition fires in roof venting operations/dry forest areas and severe operator burns if bare skin or clothing comes into contact with the hot muffler surface.

A typical burn hazard scenario may occur when a sawyer trips, puts out their left hand to steady themselves, while holding the saw in their right hand. The saw muffler can then move forward during the fall, making contact with exposed skin on the forearm/hand and cause up to a third degree burn.

Hotshot or Wildland firefighters typically carry saws over their shoulders, and frequently cause burn damage to clothing from the hot muffler if they have recently been operating the saw.

Enter Saw Armor.

Our goal is to design and and build saws and accessories that are easy to use, durable, extend product life and reduce downtime.

We also see an opportunity to increase operator safety and reduce accidental fires caused by power saws.

We enable you to upgrade existing equipment or buy complete new systems with full warranty and support plans.

Check out our website to see Saw Armor gear for your existing saw by manufacturer, or see our complete systems if you are looking to upgrade/get new solutions.

Contact Tom Bendien, Owner of Saw Armor with any questions:


All trademarks shown on this site are property of their respective owners. Attaching or using Saw Armor accessories may affect your OEM warranty as you are modifying the equipment.

Saw Armor Warranty (effective 1/1/2013):

We warrant that Saw Armor manufactured parts bearing the Saw Armor logo, when properly installed on the correct saw model as specified in our product information, will not damage your saw in any way.

Saw Armor products are designed to work as intended for the life of the original purchaser and be free from any manufacturing defects. In the event that a Saw Armor maufactured product shows a manufacturing defect, please contact to have the product repaired or replaced. Accidental or damage caused by severe forces are not covered by waranty. Owner is responsible for shipping faulty or damaged product to Saw Armor in Leesburg, VA for review.

Due to the unpredictable nature of first responder operations, Saw Armor cannot accept liability for injuries, loss or death incurred while using Saw Armor products. Always read and abide by the OEM powerhead safety manuals and ensure you are trained and competent with power equipment you may be using.

If you believe that Saw Armor products are damaging, or have damaged your saw, or created a safety hazard, please stop using your saw immediately, remove any Saw Armor parts, and restore the saw to original factory condition. Contact immediately and we will remedy the situation with you.

Service and Support:

Saw Armor will service all Saw Armor manufactured components. Saw Armor protective plates can be repaired by the end user if needed by bending metal back into shape etc.

Ensure that your armor plates fit snugly on or equipment at all times and that it does not present any snagging hazards. If in doubt, please contact us.

Spare parts are available via local power equipment shop can service the powerheads on any equipment we may provide, or you may send equipment to us in Leesburg, VA for service if needed.

Contact us with any questions at tom (at)

Design & Manufacturing:

Saw Armor products are designed and manufactured in a USA based ISO 9001:2008 facility on precision equipment.

Saw Armor Plate Fasteners:

Fasteners used on Saw Armor plates for attachment to saw bodies are made in Germany to ISO 9001:2008 standards with ISO/TS 16949:2009 endorsement.

These screws are designed for long term stable fastening into plastics especially in high vibration environments. Thread locking compounds are not needed, nor recommended. These screws are designed to remain securely fastened over long periods of time in plastics.

Other Fastening Hardware:

Threaded fasteners used for other components such as Depth Limiter kits are typically stainless steel helicoil with stainless steel threaded studs.


Privacy Policy:

Saw Armor, LLC captures your order, contact and shipping information at time of order or account creation on our site, and is stored for your convenience. You may remove your information from at any time by closing you account, or contacting us via phone or email.

We use a credit card gateway and do not store credit information on our website. You may opt out of receiving surveys and promotional emails at any time.

We will not sell, share or otherwise distribute your contact information or business relationship with Saw Armor, LLC for any purpose unless with express written permission and mutual consent.

Changes to our privacy policy will be communicated vaiaemail to persons having an active account with a valid email address on our website.

Please contact us via the Contact page if you have any questions or concerns concerning privacy matters.