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STIHL MS 066/660 Gen 2 Cerakote Armor Plate

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The Gen 2 Protective Armor Plate for STIHL® MS 066/660 is now available.

This new plate will fit onto the STIHL® MS 066/660 saw with a full wrap or standard top handle.

We have applied Cerakote clear coat to the armor plate which allows dirt, oil and sap to be wiped off it easily during equipment cleanup.

This is especially useful in field cleaning situations where cleaning solvents may not be readily available or unsafe to use.

It is designed to protect the following areas on the saw:

1. Crankcase frontal area. 

2. Protect the fueltank and underside of the crankcase.

5. Reduce unwanted flex in the saw handle, making it less prone to breaking under situations where the saw bar is jammed in a cut.

The Saw Armor plate is only attached to the plastic tank handle/top handle and is not directly connected to the crankcase/motor of the saw.

This preserves the anti-vibration characteristics of the saw

In addition to protecting the saw, plate also functions to limit the range of flex in the plastic tank handle, strengthening the saw and reducing the likelihood of damage to the tank handle if it is subjected to twisting forces.