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Fire & Rescue

A number of safety and equipment damage items come up when using chainsaws for falling trees, cutting firewood and firefighting (Wildland and Structure Fire).


The main safety benefits of our armor plates:

1. Protect fuel tank:

If the fuel tank is damaged from impact and sharp object damage and starts to leak, a fire or explosion can occur.

2. Prevent sawyer burns and contact ignition fire from hot muffler:

Chainsaw mufflers usually run at 400 to 450 degrees F (~223 degrees Centigrade)

- Accidental hand or arm skin contact will cause third degree burns in about 1 second.

- The hot muffler and exhaust can cause contact ignition fire upon contact with dry grasses or tinder.

Note this US Forest service study regarding accidental fires starting from hot muffler contact with fuels.

- Burn damage to Nomex clothing during shoulder carry.

3. Fast chainsaw cleanup:

It's much easier to clean up your chainsaw by simply wiping down the armor plate with a rag.

Fast cleanup after firefighting operations is a key element of maintaining equipment in operational ready state condition.

In Wildland Fire situations, teams always perform a "wash-out", cleaning dirt off their equipment at the end of operations, to reduce the risk of soil cross contamination.

We recommend leaving the armor plate in place and using soapy water or a degreaser like Simple Green for a more thorough cleanup on your saw.

If you frequently remove and reinstall your armor plate (more than once or twice a year), the screw mounting locations can become worn out and not hold the armor plate on the saw securely. Usually the armor plate does not need to be taken off the saw unless it is damaged, or the muffler needs to be removed for a cylinder/piston replacement. 

How the armor plate protects the chainsaw itself:


 The saws below have Saw Armor installed. They are now safer and protected from abrasion & impact damage.