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Husqvarna 390xp Gen 2 Armor Plate

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1.00 LBS
$7.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This armor plate is designed to provide a heat shield in front of the saw which protects the operator from burning their hands/arms on the muffler and possibly starting accidental contact ignition fires on Punkie grass, bark or dry tinder.

The underside of the armor plate ruggedizes the crankcase, plastic tank handle and protects the fuel tank from sharp objects/impact damage.

The armor plate also helps to dissipate heat away from the fuel tank if the saw is accidentally set down on hot coals or other heat sources.

Installing the armor plate will raise the saw about 1/8" above the ground and provides a flat surface on which the saw will ride on e.g. a truck bed or compartment.

We have kept the design of the Husqvarna 390xp as simple and lightweight as possible - the armor plate weighs 15oz.

Stainless steel anti vibration falt head screws are provided to mount the armor plate onto your saw.

Coverage underneath the rear part of the handle is typically not needed.