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Makita Heated Jacket, Black (battery not included)

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Really versatile jacket comes with full length sleeves which unzip to make a nice sleeveless jacket to wear under a wind jacket, or by itself.

The battery pocket is behind the left hip and the battery paclk can also be hung on your belt (I reccomend hanging it on your belt in the middle of your back to save on lower back stress).

Adjust the temperature with the 3 levels available with the left chest button which is easy to reach.

Run the jacket on setting 3 (hottest) when getting ready to go to work, and then notch down the heat to 2, 1 or off as your warm up depending on what you are doing.

I use this jacket in the garage on cold days, working outside or even riding a bike. The temperature settings really allow you to keep your core warmed up, which also allows more warmed blood to flow to your hands and feet.