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SAW ARMOR Plate for DOLMAR PS 6100 & Makita EA 6100 full height front - for single and double wrap top handle

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The DOLMAR® PS 6100 SAW ARMOR Plate is for the DOLMAR® PS 6100 with a Half Wrap or Full wrap top handle. The added protection height of the Full Height plate will reduce the risk of the user being burned on the muffler and starting a fire from contact with flammable grass type materials or roof particles from melting onto the muffler. A Full Height plate also offers extra protection for the front of the saw against impact damage when used for normal tree service/firewood cutting use as well. Like all SAW ARMOR Plates the DOLMAR® PS 6100 plate is made of D5052 aluminum alloy engineered and manufactured in an ISO9001 facility where it is laser cut, deburred and bent into shape. The DOLMAR® PS 6100 SAW ARMOR Plate will be attached to your saw using three stainless steel STS flathead Torx T30 plastic thread forming screws which are longer than the original screws for the most secure fit possible. The weight of the SAW ARMOR plate is only 19 ounces.

SAW ARMOR designs products that enhance the ruggedness and durability of common off the shelf power saw products, which you use in harsh environments. We help you to protect your valuable power saws by reducing abrasion and impact damage, while reducing unexpedted downtime and repair costs. We stand behind every SAW ARMOR product we make with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Disclaimer and limitation of liability:  SAW ARMOR plates cannot protect your saw from every possible impact or abrasive force.  The plate is intended to reduce the wear and tear on the underside and rear of your unit.  There are still highly destructive forces or impacts that may still damage your saw.  SAW ARMOR, LLC is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages to equipment or persons using this equipment.  By using the SAW ARMOR plate, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Always follow instructions your saw's manufacturer equipment safety manual.  Regularly check the screws on your SAW ARMOR plate for tightness. If your plate comes loose, retighten the screws.  Do not use your saw with a loose protective plate, if the plate screws do not remain tight, discontinue use of the plate and contact your local chainsaw dealer to check the condition of your saw.