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Wall mount plate for a Makita DC18RC single battery charger (charger not included)

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This item is a aluminum flat wall mount plate for the Makita DC18RC single battery charger.

To mount the charger onto the plate, remove the rubber feet from under the charger (they just pop off by hand) and then remove the Phillips head screws inside the holes.

Set the charger on the wall mount and install the supplied flat head screws through the plate into the charger underneath.

Place the charger on the wall and mark up the wall by tracing the inside of the mounting slots with a pen when the charger is in the desired position.

Drive screws into the wall on your marked spots and leave about 1/4" of the threads exposed.

You can then hang the charger on the wall with screws as shown.

You can tighten the screws down all the way or leave them slightly loose so the charger can be easily removed if needed.